Runloy Group was founded in 2014, the industrial backgroud and history tracked back to 2002, when the key team of Runloy started the exploring and production of Polydextrose in China. Nowdays, Runloy is engaged in the R&D, production and global sales of Fibersse® Polydextrose, headquartered in Shanghai with two production bases located in Jiading, Shanghai and Huaibei, Anhui, a total capacity of 33,000 MT. 



Backed by strong production and market insights, first-class entrepreneurial team integrating management, technology research and development, service and marketing, we have been passionately insisting on dietary fiber for more than 17 years. Since Runloy's birth, we believe quality, technology and service are the driving forces to grow our business with our global partners together and win out in the market together. 



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